• help Can AvaBet offer custom deals to affiliates?
    Yes, we do. If your site sends quality traffic to AvaBet.com we can offer competitive commission deals. We offer improved deals for improved exposure, especially on comparison and directory sites.
  • help What affiliate software do you use?
    We use the award-winning Bet Construct platform. This ensures affiliate accounts can be managed with complete ease.
  • help Is AvaBet licensed?
    Our operation is fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and compliant with gambling laws.
  • help How long does it take to get accepted onto the AvaBet affiliate program?
    Less than 24 hours if successful. If you aren’t successful, we will respond quickly with our reasoning.
  • help Do you offer co-branded landing pages?
    We can offer co-branded landing pages. This is however based on the quality of the site, volume of traffic it receives and its industry reputation.
  • help How often do AvaBet affiliates get paid?
    We pay our affiliates approximately 14 days after the month-end. This ensures we have enough time to make sure the figure is correct and any adjustments are calculated properly.
  • help What payment methods are used to pay affiliates?
    We can transfer money to affiliates through Bank Transfer, PayPal or Neteller. Affiliates from outside of the UK can be paid via Paypal or Neteller.
  • help Do you have any minimum requirements for your affiliates?
    As a brand, AvaBet is dedicated to the promotion of responsible gambling, therefore require our affiliates to do the same. All promotional banners and deals MUST display our standard offer terms and conditions without exception. Affiliates that operate multiple brands MUST have regulatory links sitewide.
    AvaBet does not work with matched betting, tipsters or any sites that contain sexual or lifestyle endorsements based on successful gambling. Affiliates that display a significant focus on responsible gambling can access more favourable commission deals.
    Our affiliate managers are always at hand to advise on how to create the correct regulatory messages for the brand. Or, you can visit our gambling compliance page at gambling compliance.uk/avabet to get the latest terms on ALL our offers.
  • help Do you provide custom banners?
    Yes, we can offer custom creatives and content upon request for affiliates who have demonstrated a regular referral of customers.
  • help Do you have a negative rollover policy?
    Yes. We strive to provide the best commissions in the industry to ensure both the AvaBet brand and its affiliates will benefit from building a profitable database of players.
    In some circumstances, we can make amendments to the rollover policy to ensure long-term benefits to the partnership.
  • help Can I promote on more than one website?
    Yes, you will need to add every brand into the Account Settings in the control system.
  • help Do you accept cashback sites?
    No, we do not accept cashback sites.
  • help Do you offer exclusive offers for affiliates?
    Yes, we can create exclusive offers for selected affiliates. This is based on your brand/site reputation and traffic levels. We have previously created exclusive deals for betting.bet and Newcastle United.
  • help Does AvaBet accept testimonials?
    Yes, we do!
    If you would like to submit a testimonial, get in touch with the AvaBet team. If you have an issue or problem, please get in touch. We strive to ensure our affiliates are happy and profiting from our partnerships, so are eager to iron out any issues as soon as possible.
  • help Do you accept PPC affiliates?
    Yes, please get in touch to discuss a CPA deal.
  • help Do you have social media for AvaBet affiliates?
    Yes, we have a Twitter account which is used for updates on offers, promotions and affiliate competitions.
  • help What affiliate competitions does AvaBet run?
    We operate a range of competitions for our affiliates. We must continue a successful relationship with all our partners, therefore are eager to reward them.
    As an affiliate, you will be involved in competitions that include double commission deals, tech gadgets, sporting holidays and much more.
  • help Do you offer tenancy?
    Yes, if you feel you have something special for us, we can explore the opportunity.
  • help Do you offer sub-commissions?
    Yes, spread the word! You can earn up to 2% on sub-affiliates commissions.
  • help Do you offer sponsorships?
    Yes, we endeavour to support local and grassroots sport. We have over 50 sponsorship deals active.
  • help Do you have a generic brand creative?
    Yes, please ensure you are following our brand guidelines. Our support team can assist you with this.
  • help Do you have an odds feed for affiliates?
    Yes, we have an API feed. Please contact our team to request access. Please provide your name, affiliate username and usage requirements when doing so.
  • help Do you accept offline affiliates?
    Yes, we can provide creative and exclusive sign up offers and codes for your offline campaigns. All offline campaigns must satisfy our strict compliance code.
  • help What countries and languages can I promote AvaBet in?
    We operate solely in the UK. We have decided to focus all of our attention on a single market, ensuring we satisfy and provide the best service to our players. Our site is in English, however, content can be translated via the options menu.